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Engaged ~ Insightful ~ Compassionate ~ Dedicated to Service


The courts, particularly in a diverse community such as Seattle, need to be recognized as institutions that are accessible, impartial, competent, diverse, and that preserve the integrity of the criminal system.  Seattle Municipal Court, called "the people’s court", should fulfill this definition.  The judges who sit in this courthouse should ensure meaningful access to justice with reasonable accommodation, competent legal representation, properly trained interpreters, and information about community resources such as housing, clothing, and healthcare for those facing hardship.  As a judge in this courthouse, I will insure Seattle Municipal Court fulfills this obligation.

I bring to the bench a wealth of experience in addressing diversity, equity, inclusion, and bias in the educational and workplace settings.  I have over 26 years of experience serving as a neutral decision maker in the judicial system and almost 30 years as an attorney practicing civil rights, criminal, employment, and labor law.  I have an in-depth and well-rounded understanding of the issues and concerns facing the citizens in Seattle, especially for those coming before the court.


As a judge, I am a good steward of court resources.  I am respectful of the public, the attorneys, and court staff.  During my career, I have earnestly made every effort at being fair, knowledgeable, reliable, capable, and thorough.  I strive to always bring these same attributes to the bench.

As a judge appointed by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and confirmed by the Seattle City Council, I am honored to continue serving the citizens of Seattle.

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